The Boing! Story


Jamaica Plain is a unique community with a strong commitment to diversity and equality, which is exactly why Kim Mitchell loves it so much. She loves the neighborhood’s kind and generous sprit, and everything that it stands for. Kim has lived in JP for nearly 25 years and still does today with her partner, Susan, and their daughter, Riley. They could not imagine raising Riley anywhere else.

Kim hasn’t always been in the toy business. With a degree in finance and an MBA, Kim worked for ten years at Deutsche Bank, a company that employs 70,000 people. But in such a large environment, Kim wasn’t able to feel the direct impact of her work and sensed it was time for a change. She knew that she wanted her next career move to be working within the wonderful JP community. 

That’s why when Boing! was put up for sale, Kim jumped on the opportunity. Since Kim is a kid at heart and toys and games are second nature to her, she had no doubt Boing! was the perfect next chapter in her life. Even though she had never run a retail business, with her schooling and experience in finance, she was confident that she could take on the task.

Today, Kim is proud of the role Boing! plays in the community. She loves that she is able to provide a vibrant toy store for JP and feels fortunate with the strong community that supports her in her effort to do so. She can often feel the generosity of the community and loves the wonderful feedback she receives from her costumers. Kim is very proud that she can help JP maintain independently run stores and contribute to the community's uniqueness.  

Boing! has been everything Kim hoped and wished it would be, and she hopes the community feels the same. As always, she thanks the residents of Jamaica Plain for shopping local and helping her build community, one toy at a time.