Customer Reviews

Here are some reviews of Boing! from Jamaica Plain's most outspoken toy store critics.
"Boing! is the best. The last time I went to Boing! I got so excited I almost wet my pants. Lucky for me there was a bathroom in the back." boing_critics_best.jpg
"Boing! is the absolute coolest. Last time I went to Boing! I never waned to leave so I hid behind the book shelves and then under the animal puppets. It took my parents forever to catch me. I can't wait to go back!" boing_critics_coolest.jpg
"Boing! is to die for. My parents would never dream of shopping anywhere else." boing_critics_dream.jpg
"Boing! has a wide variety of educational toys. I'm always delighted that Boing! has an intelligent toy thet meets my sophisticated needs." boing_critics_intelligent.jpg